Last night a friend and I went out for some wings and decided to go to P.J. Whelihan’s in Allentown. Tuesday night is wing night (half price, about $0.45 a wing) at PJ’s, but be aware that it doesn’t start until 9 pm. Also, supposedly nobody under the age of 21 will be served after 10 pm. With that being said, most of you teenagers looking for a place for some great wings only have a small window to get in there for great prices. However, it is definitely worth it. PJ’s wings are absolutely delectable. My friend just got the classic mild sauce, and he said they were good, but I got drunken bbq, infused with Guinness. What an amazing sauce! Kinda sweet, really tangy, 100% delicious. Highly suggest it if you’re looking to try something new. We also had some of their cheese and bacon fries. While they were good, it wasn’t anything special. Just some french fries covered in melted cheese and topped with bacon. To emphasize how great the wing sauce was though, every french fry I found without cheese on it, I was dousing it in my leftover wing sauce. Yeah, it was that good. Now I don’t wanna come off the wrong way, but I’ve had quite a few wings, in quite a few sauces, from quite a few places, and I must say PJ’s was up there with some of my favorites.

PJ’s also has plenty of other great foods on their menu, I just can’t attest to how good they are since I’ve never had them from the pub. The pub also has a few tvs broadcasting some major sporting events, so it could be your next hangout for watching the big game. The atmosphere was pretty friendly, and the service was top notch. My friend and I thought the wing night started earlier, so when we ordered our wings, our waitress was kind enough to give us a heads up, which then allowed us to size down our orders so we didn’t spend more than we had planned. She didn’t have to do that, especially when that change translates to a smaller tip for her. It’s the little things like that that separates this place from all the others. PJ’s also has drink specials every night. So if you’re looking for a new place to get some great food, give P.J. Whelihan’s in Allentown a try. Everything you could want to know can be found on their website – I hope you give them a visit and enjoy your meal as much as we did.