The very first Gaming Video of the Day is an absolute classic and probably my favorite Halo video of all time. This Walshy montage (edited by Peridious) was the montage to end all montages back in the day. It has some fantastic music put to it, and the effects were top notch when released. From the mind blowing beginning to the final kill, Halo fans everywhere sat with their jaws dropped as they patiently watched Walshy (of then team Final Boss) take down enemy after enemy. He’s the current Tiger Woods of Halo – he’s had a remarkable career that landed him at the top and was absolutely dominant for a stretch of time. Everybody expected him to win every event he attended. But then he hit a rough patch and started to sink. Everybody knows he could win another event at any time, but just as Tiger Woods fan ask, Walshy fans also ask when that event will be.

This video was so amazing that I probably watched it at least once a week for a couple of months. Even now, I still watch it from time to time and sit in amazement as I watch Walshy hit a perfect double shot or perform a BXR with ease. The music selection for the montage was also perfect. The introductory song by The Lostprophets was a good choice, but the next song, “Vitamin R” by Chevelle, couldn’t have been a better choice. It just went with the gameplay seamlessly. Now obviously the syncing up was just a good job by Peridious, but there’s just something you can’t quite pinpoint about the song that makes it mesh so well with the video. To this very day I still listen for the beeping that you hear around the 4 minute mark in the video when I listen to “Vitamin R”. Of course I then wonder why I didn’t hear it in the song, only to remind myself that it was only part of this fantastic montage, which then leads me back to watching this all over again.

Another exceptional part about this video is the clips. These are not clips of average gameplay. These are top tier clips against some of the greatest competition in the world when it comes to Halo 2. Some of them were during competitions where Walshy was under more pressure than one can imagine, and yet he still comes out on top. In addition to the quality of the clips is the length of them. No one clip is excessively long, which keeps the viewer focused and entertained for the entire video. You don’t see very many gaming montages these days that are eight and a half minutes long, and if you do, they’re usually full of mediocre clips that make you wonder why you’re even watching the video in the first place. That’s what so amazing about Walshy’s montage! I was never bored, I thought every clip was amazing, and by the end, I didn’t even realize that I was watching for almost 10 minutes. I hope all of you loved this montage as much as I did, I’d be willing to bet all of you MLG followers remember this and enjoyed seeing it again. Go check out more videos of Walshy and be sure to root him on at MLG Columbus, June 3 – 5!