As promised, The Rotting Cartridge continues to follow what might become the best zombie game we have ever seen, that title being Dead Island. The second trailer for the game has been released and it is fucking amazing.

This is the third installment of our Dead Island following. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here, respectively.

     At first, the opening at the party is awkward in my opinion. However, as you get further in the video, you realize it is a PERFECT transition for what is to come. Everything after the man wakes up is jaw dropping. You get a glimpse of what is come in this: violence, zombies, violence, blood, violence, emotion, and VIOLENCE. There is real potential for this game to be massive amounts of fun, but also a great way to blow some steam off after a rough day. Your girlfriend break up with you? Here’s a new solution. Don’t go physically assault her, you can go to jail for that. Instead, pop Dead Island in and find a zombie that kinda looks like her on the island. Now you can do whatever you want to her free of consequences, and with weapons you would have never gotten your hands on in real life. Or I guess you could call her and try to work things out, but the zombie killing thing will definitely be more fun. However, the thing that got me the most excited is when you see a woman forced to kill her father that has become a zombie. There is real conflict in this game, which brings out real emotion. I think this will lead to the player becoming attached to characters in the game. If this is achieved, the gamer will be so drawn in that he will never want to stop playing. Hopefully. With all of that being said, I cannot wait for the release of this game. Everything down to the logo (man hanging from a palm tree to make the “I” in Island – awesome!) looks promising