Yes, you read that title correctly. Today’s Gaming Video of the Day is from a common series of videos in which people take a clip of Hitler and place captions in that have hilarity commence.


     The beginning is sort of slow, but as soon as you see the ex German ruler start to lose his mind and go quite, only to ask anyone who has voted for SWAT magnums to gtfo, I was dying. The rest of the video has a few funny points, and some things that I hate about the game as well. There are some things that I don’t agree with though, such as jet packs being in the game is cool. DO NOT BE FOOLED YOUNG VIEWER! Jet packs (actually Armor Abilities in general) should not be in any Halo game. They are dumb and completely break gameplay. All in all, whether you love Halo or hate it, whether you have the same opinions or not, sit back and enjoy this light video that I assume was intended purely for humor.