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Hours ago at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Halo 4 was unveiled, along with the news of an entirely new trilogy of Halo games, confirming Halo 5 and 6 as well. Check out the trailer above, and below we’ll break it down for you.

The trailer starts with a beating heart. Cortana’s muffled voice can be heard in the background, urging the Chief to get up. The camera pans to his brain – he wakes up, realizes what’s happening, and jumps out of the cryo-chamber. For one of the only times in the series, Cortana calls the Chief by his first name, John, suggesting that their relationship is a lot closer considering the loneliness they faced at the end of Halo 3. The ship they’re on is exploding, presumably under attack, but from what? The Covenant are largely gone, with most of their religious drive gone after the events of Halo 3, and the Elites and Grunts have partnered with the humans. Then the Chief makes his escape, grabbing what looks to be a pistol – but then fires a grenade, blasting the door in front of him open. As he looks out, we see a closer view of the gun, which looks similar to the Halo 1 pistol but with a grenade attachment on the barrel of the gun. When the camera pans back, we see what is most likely the ship the Chief and Cortana were on at the end of Halo 3, and then – in the background – an enormous artifact (ship? the planet at the end of Halo 3?), whose center (loading bay?) opens up, and the trailer ends abruptly.

There are a number of questions this trailer raises, but most importantly: What will we fight in Halo 4? Since the Covenant have nothing to fight for and the Gravemind has been defeated, Halo 4 has to introduce a new enemy, a new plot arc, and answer deeper questions about the Forerunners and mythos of the Halo universe.

Hey guys so this past Sunday the family and I sat down and had a mini movie marathon featuring some big name films you may have heard of. Although most of the other films were great, I decided to review Fast and Furious 5 as it is still in theaters and I know some people weren’t so sure if it were worth checking out.

Fast Five, the latest addition to the Fast and Furious saga, takes place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where our two main characters played by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker encounter Reyes, the stereotypical drug/crime lord that dominates the city. In the course of the film, audiences are greeted by many familiar faces and references tot he other films. As a word of warning, there is a decent amount of material in the film that requires audiences to have watched the other films to completely understand certain parts but if you haven’t seen the other films no worries you will still enjoy the film all the same.  To be honest, going into this film I expected it to be like the other four films where fast exotic cars and good looking characters mask an otherwise weak storyline. This was not the case however in Fast and Furious 5 and I was happy to see that even though the cars and people were hot as ever, storyline had clearly gained priority and this definitely established an more engaging film experience. The action is great, the acting (aside from The Rock) is solid, and the story, like I said before, always keeps you interested. All in all, if you were looking for a solid summer film you should definitely check out Fast Five.

P.S. Be sure to stay after the credits. (Especially if you have seen the other films!)