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Oh the Black Eyed Peas. You’ve been a huge hit since day one, with millions upon millions of followers, countless shows, a handful of big bit albums with fantastic singles, and even playing at Super Bowl XLV’s halftime show. Nobody can doubt your success in the music industry; however, some have criticized the latest album, The Beginning. I needed some time to adjust to the new sounds, but can honestly say that I love this album as much as I loved The End and even all the way back to Elephunk. This song in particular, “Do It Like This”, was a decent song to begin with, but then the audience is pleasantly surprised. It starts off in typical Black Eyed Peas fashion, upbeat and digital, but then, around the 3 minute mark, the song undergoes a complete switch up. It gets significantly faster and takes on a new direction, and it’s quite refreshing. Other than that, there isn’t a whole ton to talk about with this song. Everybody knows the Black Eyed Peas for the most part, so everyone will have their own expectations. I can tell you that this song isn’t played much on the radio as far as I know, so here’s a chance for those of you who aren’t huge Black Eyed Peas fans that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to listen to this. Personally, I enjoy this song, and so do many of my friends. I hope you listen to it and have the same opinion, and if not, that’s alright too! Everybody isn’t going to like the same music as everyone else, and that’s fine. It’s what makes music so creative and great.

     This was just a random idea that the 3 of us had one night. You can expect to find ANYTHING here. Reviews of movies, hype for videogames, reactions to the latest sporting events, what great food we just had. This will let you peer into the eyes of some typically atypical college students, and the various aspects of their lives. We have countless ideas and opinions and we think others might enjoy hearing them. We most certainly hope that you do! Through this you will be able to see all of the crazy things we do this Summer, and will hopefully provide another method of keeping in touch when we go back to our respective universities this Fall. Brace yourselves, we like to think you’ve stumbled upon something great here. Make sure you stay tuned if you see something that catches your eye. We plan on keeping the posts rolling frequently and long term.

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