Wow! We just got back from an excellent dinner at the Thai Kitchen in Bethlehem, PA. What a great little hole in the wall with some of the most flavorful food I’ve ever eaten. It’s a pretty classy place that showcases the spicy foods of Thailand with an obvious home cooked feel. We’ve been to the restaurant on multiple occasions and it never disappoints. The owner really knows how to keep her customers coming in the door; she has us hooked on the stuff.

     Tonight I had green curry and chicken (the same thing I get every time), and as usual, it was out of this world. Chimmychang got green curry and beef and was just as happy with his dinner. Our portions were actually so big that we had to ask for extra rice in order to use all of the curry! Fatso784 got chiyang mai noodles and was also pleased with what he ordered. Highly recommend all 3 of those dishes, but I have a feeling you can’t go wrong at the Thai Kitchen. I definitely suggest getting the mango sticky rice for dessert. It features a well crafted mango fish and sweet rice – the perfect finish to a great meal.

     To wrap it up, the service is also wonderful there. The restaurant in general is just a great place with an awesome atmosphere. Don’t be afraid if you can’t handle spicy, it can be made to your taste buds’ liking. Next time you’re looking for a place for lunch or dinner go ahead and give the Thai Kitchen a try. You won’t be disappointed.