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Oh the Black Eyed Peas. You’ve been a huge hit since day one, with millions upon millions of followers, countless shows, a handful of big bit albums with fantastic singles, and even playing at Super Bowl XLV’s halftime show. Nobody can doubt your success in the music industry; however, some have criticized the latest album, The Beginning. I needed some time to adjust to the new sounds, but can honestly say that I love this album as much as I loved The End and even all the way back to Elephunk. This song in particular, “Do It Like This”, was a decent song to begin with, but then the audience is pleasantly surprised. It starts off in typical Black Eyed Peas fashion, upbeat and digital, but then, around the 3 minute mark, the song undergoes a complete switch up. It gets significantly faster and takes on a new direction, and it’s quite refreshing. Other than that, there isn’t a whole ton to talk about with this song. Everybody knows the Black Eyed Peas for the most part, so everyone will have their own expectations. I can tell you that this song isn’t played much on the radio as far as I know, so here’s a chance for those of you who aren’t huge Black Eyed Peas fans that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to listen to this. Personally, I enjoy this song, and so do many of my friends. I hope you listen to it and have the same opinion, and if not, that’s alright too! Everybody isn’t going to like the same music as everyone else, and that’s fine. It’s what makes music so creative and great.


Today’s song of the day is by Emery, a band that I would imagine most of you don’t recognize, and personally, I think that’s a shame. After being told to give them a listen by a close friend, I’ve been a fan ever since. They just released a new album at the end of March 2011 titled We Do What We Want. Here we have another case of a band slightly changing its style with its new album. On first listening, I wasn’t thrilled. However, my second time through the tracks, I knew it had grown on me substantially. The band used to focus on vocal harmonies, but recently, they’ve started going a little bit harder and more screaming. While “I’m Not Here for Rage, I’m Here for Revenge” does showcase some screaming, I assure you it is not that much. Please do yourself a favor here: even if you hate screaming and everything about it, give this entire song a listen. After the first 30 seconds or so, the screaming cuts out almost entirely. After that, you get to enjoy the beautiful lyrics that Emery is known for. This song discusses a common subject, a love relationship. However, this is not your typical Taylor Swift romance. Go ahead and read the lyrics on the video while you listen (note, the intro is off a little, but fixes itself fast). The most obvious difference is this song is from the man’s point of view. You don’t usually hear about the man being upset about a broken relationship, but this song proves that it isn’t unheard of. All in all, I would say the last minute of the song is my absolute favorite, not just of the song, not just of the album, but of everything Emery has done with the exception of “Dear Death Part 1 and 2” ( It’s slow paced and perfect in every way. If you like the song, definitely check out some more stuff by Emery, it’s well worth your time. It’s not a bad idea to listen to the rest of We Do What We Want, but you may be better off starting with I’m Only a Man, as well as, In Shallow Seas We Sail. Those are my favorites by Emery, and I think most of their fans agree that they are the superior albums. I can’t stress how underrated this band is. Go listen to some Emery, and tell your friends to do the same! After all, that’s how I learned about this talented group.