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“All I Ever Wanted” is the Rotting Cartridge Song of the Day, brought to you by Basshunter. Hopefully whatever you listen to this song through has some bass, but if not, that’s alright too (it’s just how the song shines). It includes some simple yet awesome lyrics, sure to make anybody a fan. It’s also the perfect song for you and your friends to get up and just dance to. I know it always put my friends and me in a great mood, hopefully it does the same for you! I’ll allow Basshunter to do the rest of the work for this post.

First of all, I would like to say that I’m sorry for the Song of the Day for May 20 technically being posted in the very early hours of May 21. It was a busy day, but I promise to make it up to you with this oldie but a goodie. Today I bring you a classic song by Bryan Adams, “Summer of ’69”. This song was released on Adams’ album Reckless in 1984. While some may say the song is outdated, I believe it is timeless. Everything about this song screams “American Dream”, which is ironic since Adams is Canadian. However, going through the lyrics of the song, you learn about a man with some close friends. They put together a band, but don’t really get very far with it. They practice all summer, but the band begins to break up as his friends grow up and move on to other things. Every time I hear this song, I think my friends and myself, and all the things we’ve done in summers past. Which then gets me thinking about the current summer. I hope to one day be able to talk about these summers with my friends like Adams does, calling them “the best days of [his] life”. However, nothing is worse than thinking far enough into the future that the same thing happens to your friends that happens to Adams and his group. Eventually, you begin to breakaway from one another, and before you know it, those summers are just a part of your memories, and you barely ever see those people that used to mean so much to you.


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