Hey guys so I know you’re probably thinking “wow what the hell is Tangled doing on this site?” but I can honestly tell you its a great film that proves that Disney hasn’t lost all of their spark. I’ll spare you of the plot but I will tell you about what made me like this film so much 🙂 First off, the voice actors Disney choose for Tangled were absolutely perfect and in particular Mandy Moore’s Rapunzel was probably one of the best matches between animated character and voice I’ve seen and heard in a long time. Now a lot of people who were avoiding the film were probably doing so because they figured it was going to be a typical Disney animated film and in a way they aren’t entirely wrong. What I mean by this is that there is not some sort of deep seated political message or anything remotely abstract. Instead, the film ultimately conveys the message to audiences that by breaking out into the world you can change your life forever and become a better person. In addition to having a positive message, Tangled is first and foremost a very entertaining animated experience full of lush landscapes, lovable characters, and adorable moments which are all set to a wonderfully appropriate musical score. The movie is a little over 100 minutes and I can honestly say that I would not take any of it back. I’m not telling you to go and watch Tangled as soon as possible but I will say that Disney did a great job with this film and it definitely separates itself from the garbage Disney has been involved with in recent years.